Scales: A Detox/Replenish Healing Circle

This healing circle is for POC (People of Color) ONLY. NON-POC (white) people are asked to create a space of their own.

We want to help you bring yourself into balance a little bit at a time.

For Brown Bleeders (a collective of earth-connected people of color, artists and healers) and the Multicultural Resource Center are making space to balance. We will share with you gentle ways to bring your body into balance as the seasons change. During the winter months the body hibernates and then reemerges during spring. Let’s learn together about the seasonal effects on the body.

We'll be sharing Southern folk medicine we studied in New Orleans as well as information learned through our apprenticeship with Amanda David (Bramble Community Herbalism and Rootwork Herbals).

Bring open mindedness, attentiveness, and leave your assumptions at the door.