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Blache Marie is an interdisciplinary research-based artist working in poetry, herbalism, living collage, and film. A Pink Door Fellow and Cornell University graduate, co-founder and creative director of For Brown Bleeders, they build ceremonial healing spaces inspired by their memories and visceral emotional experience, while examining the historical context related to their blackness, queerness, being assigned female at birth, and being raised in the Midwest.

photo cred:  VibeCalledJess

photo cred: VibeCalledJess


Edgar Bernal Sevilla is an international researcher, historian, poet, and museum professional born in and molded by the Sonoran Desert, with a Bachelor’s degree in History from San Diego State University. His scholarly interests are Spanish colonization in Mexico, colonization in the Mexican-American borderlands, and global desert research. Edgar’s work as a museum professional centers on returning narrative control of stories to their people.

Rose Fleurant: I have been on Turtle Island all my life, welcomed by the indigenous peoples while at the same time unwelcomed by colonizers who stole and settled on this land. I am a member of the Student For Life Association, which has expanded my generational roots, giving me deep insight, knowledge, and experience. My purpose is to live with nature, to flow free like the rivers and the wind, and to fiercely grow strong on the smallest cracks of the thickest man made pavements, I am here to stay forever. I am here to love and to give unconditionally and to rebalance the equilibrium of mother earth. My Colonized name is Rose Fleurant. I am a genderless rarity of love and laughter and I am another seed of revolution.



kiki nicole is a multimedia artist/writer born & raised primarily in the DMV & on the move ever since. They are a 2016 Pink Door Fellow, a 2017 Queer Emerging Artist Residency cohort in Oakland, CA, & a 2018 Winter Tangerine Fellow. They work to explore a Black, queer, femme & genderless universe that un/bodies, un/genders, & re/news, with a focus on identity & mental illness. They are a co-curator & collaborator of Portland-based experimental film & new media arts project, the first & the last, which seeks to archive, uplift, & nourish new media & experimental work from black women, femmes, & non-men through film screenings & skillshares. kiki hopes to lend a voice for the void in which Black Queer femmes not only exist in plain view, but thrive.