We cultivate a daily practice of healing including methods that are medicinal, cultural, educational, recreational, athletic, communal, social services and research-based  to connect the historical struggle of our ancestors to the present day standard of living for people of color, particularly focusing on those most vulnerable, LGBTQIA+, young, and abused. We call this practice decolonizing our blood.


We are a community resource that is equitable and offers restorative justice to those who are historically marginalized by providing culturally relevant, financially accessible and effective resources for addiction, health and wellness, behavioral health, economic and housing stability.


We respond to survival needs first, then we create spaces to teach others to continue our work on larger scales. We provide training to educators, city officials, non-profit directors, social service professionals, etc to create more culturally relevant care for those they serve. We assist in the redistribution of resources by listening to community needs and then meeting with those who hold the most resources to address equitable redistribution.