Escape Route Storytelling

This workshop is POC centered. $10-$35 self-determined sliding scale, trades also accepted.

The United States is on fire. Everything is trash. Need to escape? Learn to create stories with alternate realities by combining personal and historical narratives. Join artist Blache Marie and historian Edgar Bernal Sevilla to find ways to craft your story, family history and historical events into a reality that differs from the current paradigm. Collaborate with other workshop attendees to make a short comic strip.

Blache Marie is a photographer, poet, herbalist, graphic designer, interdisciplinary research-based artist, healer, and deathwife (a term birthed by Joy KMT). They were raised in suburban midwest, and now travel paths of the “great” forced migration, embracing nomadic living. They have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Cornell University where they were awarded the Gibian Rosewater Travel Research Award. They use their long personal history with abuse as a path of intergenerational trauma to follow their family stories, as well as plant medicine, energetic healing and ritual to mend their wounds. Blache uses they/them pronouns.

Edgar Bernal Sevilla is a historian, poet, and museum professional born, raised, and molded by the Sonoran Desert. His historical and artistic work focus on the American/Mexican borderlands, Mestizaje, and returning stories to their people. Edgar uses he/him pronouns.

The two traveled across the United States on the tour Black Widow: Stories of Death and Rebirth.