POC Healing Scholarship Fund

RESTORE, a POC Healing Scholarship Fund, seeks to restore connections with earth and ancestors as a method of resistance to the violence faced by people of color (POC)  in the United States. By offering funding for POC to participate in healing retreats, classes, and opportunies to heal themselves through their creativiity. The scholarship funds will go towards retreats, classes, herbal remedies co-created by poc for poc to remember the medicine the earth offers to us.

We are looking to raise minimum $10,000 for four seasonal days of healing for people from historically and currently marginalized communities (namely low income and communities of color),  featuring various healing modalities including herbs, yoga, massage, reiki, art, journaling, food, meditation, and poetry. In addition, we will provide scholarships and funding for poc to hold healing events and attend healing events, herbal consults and recommended herbs from Amanda David of Rootwork Herbals, create free self-care packages for low income POC, and organize survival and sustainability training (oil changes, foraging for food and medicine, cooking, cleaning water, etc).